Bite & Smile for the Quarterback Club, circa 1967

Bite & Smile for the Quarterback Club, circa 1967

anne healy

Anne Healy grew up in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis.  She went to West High School in Uptown where she was a Highstepper.  She continues to be quite a lively dancer.  A family friend named Margo David told Anne to go to Boston College, so she did. She also went to journalism school at the University of Minnesota and wrote a humor column for the ‘Minnesota Daily’.

While minding her own business as an assignment editor at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, she was convinced to help scout hockey rinks for ‘The Mighty Ducks’.  Since then she has worked on 21 feature films including ‘Fargo’, ‘Beautiful Girls’ and ‘Grumpier Old Men’. Her duties included dredging the Ohio River on ‘U.S Marshalls’, taking Charlize Theron ice fishing on ‘North Country’ and filming 400 extras on Main Street in Waconia for ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ on a Sunday without interrupting mass.

Anne scouts for lots of television commercials and still photo shoots. A big fan of architecture, she stalks favorite architects and has thrown herself in front of misguided bulldozers. Anne and Tobias have a large library of locations and can scout whatever your storyboards are seeking.   So when you need a snowy road with a blue house facing south and a swing set on the left side of a five car garage with a flat roof and a huge oak tree, no maybe a weeping willow, call us. 

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tobias shapiro

Tobias Shapiro grew up in New York City. He attended The Dalton School where he learned a lot about art,  good manners and bad habits.

Tobias worked on television commercials in New York City and Los Angeles in the '80s. He once shut down the Brooklyn bridge so a tire could roll across it. He also traveled to Kenya to work on a movie where he and the crew blew up a hut much to the surprise of its owner. Tobias then arranged for the displaced owner to receive a much better hut.

Anne didn't like Tobias at first until he told her he worked locations on ‘Bachelor Party’. They immediately got married. Together they scout and manage locations for favorite clients and new clients, and all kinds of projects.

Best moment - London filmmakers wanted a blizzard while filming at the airport, and a giant blizzard happened and shut down the airport right on cue. Coincidence? We think not.

Carlsbad, CA 1963

Carlsbad, CA 1963